For A Modern World, Some Queer Modern Heroes

In Catholic tradition, the term “saint” is applied only to those who have died, and usually only a long time after their deaths, to allow time for careful consideration of their lives and legacies.  For queer Catholics and other Christians though, there is a need to honour some extraordinary people who have made major contributions to the transformation currently underway of religious thinking about the place of queer people in Church.

Reserving the word “saint” in the traditional way for those who are long dead, I use instead the term “Modern Heroes” to describe those who, by ministry, writing or example, have made a major contribution to our place in church in the modern world.

A comprehensive list would be a long one, never completed. I list below a few that spring immediately to my own mind. There are obviously many more, and I aim to considerably expand the list.

Page Under Construction


James Alison

John Boswell

Jeannine Gramick

Bernard Lynch

John McNeill


Bishop Gene Robinson

Carter Heyward

Troy Perry

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