Calendar for June

Catholic tradition honours the remarkable men and women who have contributed significantly to its heritage by recognising them as saints. Secular tradition like to remember specific events or causes by setting aside specific dates for their observance. This page is a start at assembling a calendar of notable dates of importance to our queer Christian community.

Pauliinus of Nola, June 22nd

2nd: Rev Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford

6th: Uganda Martyrs

9th: St Pelagia/ Pelagios,

16th: Christopher Paul Ricksecker, Suicide

22nd: St Paulinus of Nola

 22nd: St Paul, Apostle

 24th: Martyrs of the Upstairs Lounge

32 people died in a 1973 arson attack on the “Upstairs Lounge” in New Orleans, a gay bar which doubled as a worship space for the Metropolitan Community Church. (Modern Martyrs of the Upstairs Lounge Arson Attack )

 28th: Stonewall

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