Restructuring, Relocating the Queer Church

Once again, I’m on the move – I hope, once and for all.


Regular readers will know, that I’ve been troubled all year, by what appears to have been a hacking attack on my earlier primary website at Since then, I’ve hobbled along with a substitute site here, which has not been entirely satisfactory.

For even longer, I’ve been troubled also with serious questions about my main intentions, on the internet: to offer a kind of running commentary on the queer faith news cycle, interspersed with posts on queer church history and biblical/ liturgical reflections – which most of the time, is what I have been doing, in practice? Or concentrate on more enduring, content – based resource material for LGBT Catholics, and other Christians? Or simply provide notice and links to notable news stories and opinion pieces, elsewhere?

The technical problems have forced me to do some hard thinking on the other issues, and I’m pleased to report that finally, I have resolved these, at least in principle, and in my own mind,

My conclusion is that all three need attention – but it is unrealistic to try to do them all on a single website / blog. I now announce the creation of three distinct websites, all under the “Queer Church” umbrella.


Queering the Church” as you know it will remain, but under the new and snappier domain name, “queerchurch,com“. This is and remains a personal blog, where I will continue to post responses to news stories, personal reflections, and spontaneous thoughts on matters that engage my attention, for whatever reason.  The name is in what grammarians call the continuous tense, and so it will be very much a work in progress, changing with the news, and with the continuing development of my own knowledge and thinking.

Subdomains of The Queer Church Repository, will host the existing satellite sites on queer church history (Queer Saints, Sinners and Martyrs), and queer biblical reflections (A Queer Ear for the Rainbow Scriptures).

The Queer Church Repository” is a new(ish) site, called in part from the archives of Queering the Church,  at which I attempt to create what I first set out to do, years ago: a content – based, enduring and comprehensive resource base for LGBT Catholics and other Christians.  This will include my own, considered, analyses of relevant biblical, theological, historical, scientific information relevant to understanding the intersection of faith, sexuality and science, and also links or reposting, of significant, useful material by others. In a new departure, This material from elsewhere, will include not only English language content, but also that in other major Christian languages. All material will also include links to suitable automated translations services.

Queer Church News and Opinion” is a simple agglomeration of headlines and links, to news reports or useful reflections / analyses  dealing with queer faith matters.  As with the “Queer Church Repository”, this will not be exclusively in English,   but will also include news stories, commentary and reflections in other majory Christian languages.

There’s a lot yet to be done – especially with foreign language material, and organizing the archives. The basic structure for a comprehensive, global lgbt Christian resource though, is now in place. I look forward to hearing your responses – and any offers of help (especially with links  to foreign language material) will be gratefully received.






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