In Australia: Rainbow Colors Celebrate Acceptance, Pride, and Faith

Bondings 2.0

Today’s post is written by a guest blogger:  Tim Smyth, of Sydney, Australia.

Six banners, each one the color of one of the bands of the rainbow, hang in St. Joseph’s Catholic parish, Newtown, Sydney, Australia, as a sign both of the welcome that the parish has for LGBT people, as well as of the appreciation the LGBT community has for the parish’s ministry of inclusion.

IMG_1409 Rainbow banners in St. Joseph’s Church

The banners were donated by Acceptance, an Australian LGBT Catholic group founded in Sydney in 1973. It is one of the world’s oldest Catholic LGBT organizations. In its early years, members met in various places around inner Sydney with priests celebrating Mass with members in homes and halls. In December 1990 the pastor at St Canice’s parish in the inner city invited Acceptance to celebrate a Christmas Mass in the church.

Reflecting changing demography, Acceptance…

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