Fired New Jersey Priest Asks Pope Francis to Defend LGBT Church Workers

Bondings 2.0

HalltoFrancis_FinalA priest fired for opposing anti-gay bullying has written to Pope Francis, asking the pontiff to stem the expulsion of LGBT church workers which has harmed the U.S. Catholic Church for the past several years.

Fr. Warren Hall’s letter comes two months before Pope Francis makes his inaugural visit to the United States, where more than fifty church workers have lost their jobs in LGBT-related public incidents since 2008. In the July 14th letter, reported on by Religion News Service, Hall writes:

“I ask that…you find time to listen to the challenges faced by LGBT people, especially those who are Catholic and wish to remain part of the Church they have grown up in, which they love, and yet which it seems is alienating them more and more. Good teachers are being fired, pastoral and compassionate priests and religious women are being silenced and accept it out of fear of being…

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