Young Adults See Complexities of Sexuality That Their Catholic Schools Cannot

Bondings 2.0

Jake Midura’s test, posted to social media

Young Catholics understand sexuality is complex and are among the most LGBT-affirming groups in our church. Unfortunately, some of the Catholic schools which they attend are not necessarily up to speed.

This dissonance causes controversy in too many instances. In one case, a Manchester, New Hampshire high school student contested a problematic question on homosexuality marked incorrect on his test. Jake Midura, a gay teen who just finished his junior year at Trinity H.S., posted the multiple choice question, which asked why homosexual acts are immoral.  (See the choices in the graphic at the right.)

Midura answered “D. none of these.”

The school, however, said the correct answer was “C. they are not open to life.” A statement from Trinity High School Principal Denis Mailloux confirmed this, saying teachers needed to “teach the truth in love,” reported NH 1.  Diocesan School Superintendent Fr. John Fortin admitted homosexuality is more complex…

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