On St. Valentine’s Day, Young Adult Catholics Consider Relationships

Bondings 2.0

As the world celebrates relationships and friendships on today for St. Valentine’s Day, Bondings 2.0 offers a few highlights from the thoughtful and progressive insights of another blog called Young Adult Catholics.

Young Adult Catholics, a project of Call To Action, features posts from progressive members of the church in their 20s and 30s. A variety of issues are covered, but more often than not the posts return to sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ issues. For instance, delfin waldemar bautista (lower case is delfin’s usage) recently considered the question, “Are queer relationships compatible with Church Teaching?” He writes, in part:

“Many queer couples firmly believe that achieving a Christian partnership based on Christian values is achievable—their relationships are based on mutual love, mutual sharing, faithfulness, mutual commitment to pleasure…mutuality in its various forms and expressions.

“We believe in and live by ‘intimate and chaste union’; we practice and strive…

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