Kentucky Catholic Priests Urge Faithful to Demand LGBT Rights Protections

Bondings 2.0

Four priests in Kentucky are calling on Catholics to organize for a statewide Fairness Law this weekend, adding their voices to broader efforts for LGBT non-discrimination protections in that state.

In a letter published by The Courier-Journal, the priests, from the Archdiocese  of Louisville, say that Pope Francis’ “Who am I to judge” remark prompted them to ask:

“Can we, as Catholics, allow any of God’s children to live a life filled with judgment and discrimination?”

Joined by the Kentucky Catholics for Fairness, the priests — Fr. Joseph Fowler, Fr. James Flynn, Fr. John Burke, and Fr. Joe Mitchell, CP — are advocating for LGBT legal protections in Kentucky related to employment, housing, and public accommodations. While some communities have implemented legal rights, discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is still mostly legal there. To combat this unjust reality, the priests extend the following invitation:

“On Sunday, Feb. 15, Kentucky Catholics for…

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