SYNOD 2015: Differing Expectations from High-Ranking Dominican Prelates

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Cardinal Christoph Schonborn Cardinal Christoph Schonborn

As preparations begin for the 2015 Synod on the Family, two high-ranking Dominican church leaders are offering divergent thoughts about what may happen next October. Which view ultimately holds sway will be determinative for how the church addresses LGBT issues moving forward.

First, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna gave an interview in which he calls on the church to deal with the realities of family life rather than idealized forms.

Speaking to the German theological journal Herder Korrespondenz, Schönborn affirmed the 2014 Synod’s work while expressing hopes for a more realistic discussion. The National Catholic Reporter quotes the cardinal as saying:

” ‘At the Extraordinary Synod marriage and the family were often discussed as though they were something that took place in interstellar space and not in a particular period of history, in a particular society under particular conditions…I would like to see us work off the deficits in our theology, above all on…

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