Psychological and Spiritual Explorations of the Transgender Experience

Bondings 2.0

Transgender people and issues are still new and unknown to many people in the LGBT and ally community.  While decades of information and experience have taught our church and world so much about sexual orientation, we are only just recently breaking the ice on the question of gender identity.  Many people are just beginning to ask questions about this more forgotten sector and are learning about the gifts that transgender people bring to our faith and civil communities.

Two articles written by Catholics recently looked at transgender issues from two different perspectives: the psychological and the pastoral.  Both, of course, include a faith dimension to their discussions.

Sydney Callahan

The psychological article was written by Sydney Callahan as a blog post for America magazine.  Callahan is a respected Catholic psychologist and writer who has long advocated for new understandings of the role of sexuality in our lives.  As far as I…

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