The Pope Should Correct U.S. Bishops’ “Ideological Colonization” of CCHD

Pope Francis says it is unacceptable that the donors of international aid to poor countries should make that help conditional on the recipients falling into line with the donors’ ideological preferences. At Bondings 2.0, Francis DeBenardo says that to be consistent, he should also tell the US bishops that it i equally unacceptable for them to make their own charitable giving conditional on the recipients falling into line with their ideological preferences.

Bondings 2.0

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is making headlines again with another blockbuster interview on a plane ride home from an international visit, this one his trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. What is capturing journalists’ attention are the plans for the pope’s U.S. trip and his remarks about birth control and family planning, which seem to be a radical departure from the traditional ban on artificial means of contraception.

What has captured my attention, however, is his elaboration of a term he used at a conference of families in the Philippines on Friday:  “ideological colonization.”    It seems to me that Pope Francis’ explanation of this term can equally apply to Catholic organizations such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), as it does for the international aid organizations, which seemed to be the pope’s immediate referent.  I’ll explain below; first, some background.

On Friday, while speaking of dangers to the family, Pope…

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