A Conservative, Christian Case for Gay Adoption.

The core element in this argument is familiar: adoption by same sex couples should be permitted, “because the best interests of the child” means the best parents available – not some theoretical, ideal myth. Sometimes the best available just happen to be gay or lesbian. What is different about this is that the argument comes from a declared conservative Christian, who makes no secret of her belief that homosexuality is a sin. But, she makes clear, as we are all sinners, her personal belief about the parents is no reason to act against the welfare of their children, to withhold standard courtesies and neighbourliness from the parents.
This argument needs to get through to all those (including too many Catholic bishops) who can see the issue of gay adoption only as a set of rules, and not as specific situations with real people. Fortunately though, this is happening. In the near future, I suspect, this response will be so mainstream as to be unremarkable.

From Blogher :

As a conservative Christian mom, I get looks whenever presumed “offensive” topics come into play. For instance, the “2 Gay Dad” issue. I like two shows with two gay dads and I also have a few gay friends who eventually will want to adopt. There’s this assumption I will be outraged and come flying out with my Bible to protest. I assure you, I am not waiting in the shadows ready to pop out with my judgments. Quite the contrary.

I’m never going to believe that homosexuality is not a sin, that’s my religious belief based on the Bible. However, just because someone is sinning, does not mean they are not going to provide a good home for a child who needs one. I also believe even well intentioned lies are a sin, yet I lie with “good intention” all the time. Does that make me a bad parent? In my eyes, parental sexuality isn’t something that should even come into play (unless GAY or STRAIGHT the parent is sexually inappropriate with a child – statistically more straight parents are). After all, many young people don’t even want to fathom their parents have sex, period. While I personally see a marriage as a union between man and wife, I still broke God’s law and got divorced. Did that mean I should have relinquished my parental role to a couple that is married and better Christians? Nope.
While a few amused acquaintances may wonder whether I will lead an outcry against gay parenting, they are wasting their time. I can’t say it should be illegal for single parents, gay parents, etc to adopt because it’s not about the parent, it’s about the child. I think anyone who will raise their child in a good home to be a productive member of society should have the legal opportunity to adopt. This is the land of the FREE. And while I have the ideal that I would like all kids to be raised in Christian homes, because I am Christian, that doesn’t give me the right to stop people from taking children off the streets who don’t fit my religious-based ideal. Many probably don’t think I am ideal. Legally, good parents should be able to adopt if they can prove they will provide a safe and loving home. We need people willing to save abused, foster, unplanned and needy children from what could be a very hard and sad life!
If I want to be a good Christian and demonstrate how awesome my faith is, the answer is to be a kind friend to gay parents in my community. Their children are always invited to birthday parties and play dates. They are always welcome in my church. Parenting tips, cooking ideas, and general social gatherings are opportunities for me to be an ambassador for my Christian faith to gay parents. After all, if I am a genuine Christian, I should act like one. I won’t be endorsing “gay promotion” in my children’s education, but I will be endorsing kindness to everyone. Because in the end, I am still going to believe that gay sex is a sin, but I understand we are all sinners and Christ expects me to be a positive witness to EVERYONE.

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